Jana Scott

Birthday: 8/25/69

Member: about 5 years

Current roles:  President

Jana is a person of very many hats. Mother of 4, naturopathic doctor, teacher, occasional website developer, learning track maker, music notater (2016, 2016...), farmer, writer, and probably a few jobs she's forgotten about.

When she's not doing any of those things... she's asleep! Actually, when she gets a few minutes, she is also an avid student of the Bible and she makes occasional frustrated attempts at learning to arrange music.

She likes light blue, earth tones, and anything chocolate.

She found the chorus one day while shopping for groceries when she saw a business card with four funny-looking women gathered around a barbershop pole. She came to a rehearsal and they let her stay! The rest is history.

It's hard for her to name a favorite thing about chorus. It's probably a tie between opportunity for personal growth through performing and good friends. As for favorite songs, right now it's the latest - Can't Help Falling in Love, but Java Jive is also high on the list.